Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tell the White House What You Think

I've written about online privacy issues before*.

Today the White House is asking Your opinion.  Go give 'em an earful HERE

The right not to be spied on by our own cell phones and computers is an issue we should all be worried about.  You've heard about the frog in the pot of water?  Try to drop him in boiling water and he'll kick and leap away, but put him in cool water and slooooowly raise the temperature and he'll swim in the pot happily until he turns into frog soup.  You and I, my friends, are presently floating in warm water, using a carrot as a floatie.

Time to kick!

Illustration "shooped" from public domain images, including the cook pot at

*Earlier posts on internet privacy, spying etc.: Woohoo! Hi NSA, Privacy, and The Fourth...

ADDENDUM: Still unconvinced that meta data poses a threat to privacy?  HERE's a study at WebPolicy.

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