Friday, January 10, 2014

Woohoo! Hi NSA!

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This is not a political blog.  But if you're reading this online (how else?), if you shop online, if you've written an email, or if you'd ever call your Mom...  chances are good that YOU have metadata collected about your life.  Maybe a few emails or phone chats on file.  To be kept for as long as Big Brother feels like it

Looking over your shoulder?  No need.  Look ahead - wave - because other people to turn on your webcam or microphone, y'know?  This is not paranoia.  This is today's America.

Unless we ALL take action.

Read up on "NSA spying," "Edward Snowdon," "Internet freedom," etc.  Knowledge really IS power.  Do you want the government (or private companies) to know everything about you?

"But I don't have anything to hide," you say.

Lucky you! None of us have ever done or said anything stupid in our whole lives.  Even at 15.  Never dialed a wrong number ("How could I know that was Renta-Racist?! I was dialing Rescue-Rover to adopt a puppy!")  Never made a friend later regretted.  And no former acquaintance of ours has ever turned to the Dark Side... joined Green Peace, say.

 The other argument?  "NSA spying keeps us safe."

Well, maybe.  Maybe you trust this present government and every single operative and administrator to use this spying power wisely and only for good... but what about in the future?  What if someday you really disagree with the Administration?  What if another J. Edgar Hoover took charge of your private file?  Another Joe McCarthy?

A few terrorists terrify me less than a future do-gooder armed with my internet history, because what if that do-gooder was another Stalin?  Or a Hitler?

Think about it.  On February 11 let your government know how you feel about internet privacy and government spying.

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