About This Design Diary


This is the on-going saga of an architect and theater set designer.

This blog covers pretty much whatever crosses her drafting board (or her mind) that is in what we might call the "cultural" realm: set design and architecture, obviously, but also books, films, museums, theater, art...

Lots of opinions!

Comments - your own opinions - are very welcome.

Besides the obvious fun of spouting off on everything cultural, the more serious intent of this blog is to provide a peek into a Designer's Mind - to perhaps give fledgling set designers or theater enthusiasts some idea of what this kind of designer's life is like.  What issues (and fun) are involved.  Maybe this blog might be a little useful.  That's the hope.

Along that way, maybe some Kind Reader will discover a new film or favorite author.  Wouldn't that be cool?

Design Diary Founded 2011