Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years, New Fun Stuff to Do

Traditionally, this time of year is a chance to wrap up last year's business and start fresh with the next year's.  Oddly enough, my own Last Year did round off to a natural conclusion (except for tax-filing) and This Year's projects seem to be starting up promptly.  It's not always so tidy.  

So what's up for this year?

First on my board are designs for I'm Gonna Pray For You So Hard at Kitchen Dog Theater (just now working on construction drawings), Clever Little Lies at Circle Theatre (just starting its build), and Kind Lady at Mainstage  Irving - Los Colinas (which needs me to Get Going!).  Probably the shiniest show I'm looking forward to so far is A Winter's Tale for Trinity Shakespeare this summer.  Summer Shakespeare in air conditioning!  What a concept!

First thing though is to clean up my studio so I can work.  During the holidays the room tends to become a dumping ground for wrapping paper, ribbon, and all-the-stuff-to-hide-from-company.  As studios do.

So what rounded out Last Year so nicely?  Kitchen Dog met its fundraising challenge!  It's only a first step, but it's a very BIG first step on the path to creating our own permanent home.

Every Dog's Home is its Dream Castle...

Fervent thanks to all those who helped us!  Sincerely.  We are so grateful.  

Now time to dig out my own ol' Dream Desk here...