Monday, November 14, 2016

Not Usually a Sign Guy But Geez

Gotta be my favorite protest-Trump sign quote.

"Geez" indeed.

From a tweet by Alex Leo HERE.

The peaceful protests?  Fair notice to our incoming president that his actions will be carefully watched... and reacted to.  As with any new leader of the free world (if that title will still apply), only starting with more doubt and distrust due to his own past actions and speech.

What else can We the People judge by?

This has gotta be my favorite Trump quote so far:

I know words.  I have the best words... but there is no better word than 'stupid,' right?

I'm watching.  Because I suspect electing Mr. Trump will be a stupid, stupid idea.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sanity Break

Every so often we need sanity breaks.

Mine was a week and a bit in California's wine country and at the family ranch.  I even got to practice a little water color painting.  (While the ranch-cat "helped" - spot any paw prints?)

(Rough) water color sketch, California Gold Country - copyright Clare Floyd DeVries

We really do need more sanity around here:

Please go vote for the non-orange candidate.