Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I love working at the MAC!  

The McKinney Avenue Contemporary is the home theater(s) to Kitchen Dog Theater and also has several art galleries.  I was lucky enough to watch the installation of the newest shows and to get to chat with one of the artists, Masami Teraoka , whose show Inversion of the Sacred is a perfect counterpoint to our up-coming play Gidion's Knot.  Beautiful, disturbing work... huge triptychs of gold leaf, oil paint, and... well, see for yourself.  (But don't bring the kiddies.)  The artist himself was very friendly and we had an interesting discussion about the basis for his new work - the church sex scandals - and society's seeming retreat from the liberality of the '60s sexual revolution to present day repressions.  You can have great conversations with artists!

Then, by an odd happenstance, I got to have another good conversation with an artist just days later - this time with a young up-and-comer working at the Dallas Arboretum's Children's Garden.  (A cool museum-outdoors  filled with hands-on exhibits).  That conversation was on art museum shows - we both liked the Amon Carter's Romare Bearden Odyssey show (previous post HERE) and the Fort Worth Modern's Kara Walker show.  The artist?  Kevin Owens; you can see a little of his work at RAW Artists HERE.  A great chat!

But what are the odds of running into a Hunting Art Prize finalist randomly at the spring flower show?

Public domain image of tulips courtesy of

My third conversation of note was with journalist Lauren Smart of the Dallas Observer... an interview.

Being interviewed is a strange thing... on the one hand you want it to be a relaxed, friendly chat so that the interview is actually, you know, interesting for readers, but, on the other hand, you don't want to say anything too stupid.  I think I may have managed that part.  Mostly.  Judge for yourself HERE.

So... what fascinating conversation will be next?

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