Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to Work

Sorry for the long lull between posts, I've been out of town on other business.

But, as always when returning after Time Away, there's suddenly a lot to do!  Lots of meetings being scheduled and rescheduled.  Lots of running around.

Yesterday was an architectural Lunch 'n Learn (to keep me up-to-date for licensing), an interview with a journalist (who inexplicably seems to want to write about my set design), some scenic painting (to help a friend), and an impromptu tour of Mountain View College's theater.  Pretty impressive.  I got to see the waaaay up there of the rigging - including the metal wire mesh floor of the lighting canopy over the stage's thrust.  I'd heard about these wire mesh lighting grids - the primo way to go! - but walking on one was more uncomfortable than I expected, not because of the too-good view of the floor below, but because the wire mesh had just enough give in it to suggest walking on a tight trampoline.  Kinda disconcerting.  Very safe, however, certainly much safer than catwalks when you're wrestling heavy and awkward lighting instruments. You can see examples of wire mesh lighting grids HERE at SkyDeck.  (I didn't take pictures myself because I was hanging on with both hands.)

This photo is from the SkyDeck site HERE  If that manufacturer objects to my use of it, please let me know and I'll remove it.

I also got to see the waaay underneath of the fascinating platforms that can be controlled to form either the raised stage's lip or large steps or a sunken orchestra pit.  Whatever's desired.  These are powered, apparently, by Slinky-Structure!  At least the mechanism that raised and lowered the sections of stage were not the usual hydraulic pistons; they looked like Slinkies TM mysteriously coupled with stainless steel tubes... I'm going to have to do some research.

Otherwise...  My show at Kitchen Dog Theater here in Dallas, Gideon's Knot, has progressed while I was gone - there's a door now! - but I need to show up today to work on more classroom bulletin board displays.  (I'm printing out pics of Norse gods as I type this.)  My shows for Circle Theater will be tomorrow's visit: Venus in Fur is moving from Fort Worth to WaterTower Theater in Addison, so I need to consult with carpenters on that, and Circle's next show, The Other Place, should be pretty far along in its build so consulting ditto.

Busy, busy

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