Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickstarter is Kickin'!

I've written about Kickstarter before, when a friend used this crowd-finance site to fund his short film Perfectly Normal.

Yesterday Kickstarter made big news - and big numbers of fans very very happy - when the campaign to film a Veronica Mars movie reached its two (2) million (2,000,000!) dollar goal in eleven (11) hours.  (I myself kicked in enough to get a film T-shirt.)

In case you missed it on TV or DVD, Veronica Mars is a witty, noire, teen-detective show that was canceled about five (5) years ago... but remains loved.  Now revived from the dead by pure fan-love.

Crowd-funding.  What a great idea!

HERE's the Veronica Mars campaign - with a fun video plea.  And HERE is the page for my buddy's much smaller budget short film - also worth investing in.

ADDENDUM:  And HERE's an interesting LA Times article about the Veronica Mars film funding "...the economics of love."

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