Thursday, September 13, 2012

Giving Day

Today is North Texas Giving Day - your best  chance to support the performing arts in DFW, while streeeetching your dollar.

All gifts of $25 or more given TODAY will be "matched" by extra funds!  (Just like mine were.)

For the price of two movie tickets, we theater folk would be very very grateful.  

And your support will go a long way!  At Kitchen Dog...
$25 pays for copies of the script for the cast, designers, and crew
$50 buys two lightbulbs for stage lights (see why theater's expensive?)
$150 pays for one costume for one actor
$1000 pays all expenses for one staged reading of a new play
$5000 buys building supplies for all shows in a season (we pinch pennies!).

Just click on the theater name to reach the Giving Day page, where Spending Your Cash For a Good Cause is made very simple and pleasant, even down-right enjoyable.  It's that glow of nobility, that's what it is.

And here are some other theaters doing good work, that I also work with:

Thank you.  There IS no theater without you.

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