Monday, July 20, 2020

Siege - Day 127

"This is a passion profession. I found it, I loved it and it is gone.”

This quote, from a Chicago Tribune article on the state of their theater HERE.  And Dallas - Fort Worth is in the much same case.  The arts in general and the performing arts in particular are staggering under this virus.

For folks not directly involved with the stage who may look at our art as a mere decoration to society, not as a serious endeavor or industry, it's both.  Not to bore you with numbers (see a UNT estimate HERE ) but the TLDR version is that DFW's "creative" industry means 205,000 jobs.  And all of them - ALL - are at risk right now, whether that's a stage manager's job, a scenic designer's, an architect's, or a ballerina's.  

So it's just so heartening to know that this White House administration is concerned about our loss of jobs.  And has a plan!  A plan recently revealed to the public - announced by Ivanka Trump herself - as their campaign to help, titled: 

Find Something New! 

Stunning isn't it?  

Who gets to tell Yo Yo Ma that, since he has nimble fingers from playing that cello, he'd be really great at data entry?  

Maybe it's the empathy that stuns me...

Vote for someone with a plan in November.  

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