Friday, June 12, 2020

Siege - Days 85, 86, 87, and (if I haven't lost count) 88

Where was I?

Oh, yeah, life and theater career during this coronavirus siege and this historical moment:

1)  Texas is not presently winning this siege: all the measurements are rising...  Dallas County has a record-breaking 312 new cases of Covid19, is up to 277 deaths and 13,257 total cases while more hospital beds are filling - a record 373 patients at this moment - and 25% of all emergency room visits now are for virus-like symptoms.

2)  So, like a dope, yesterday was the day I decided to have a long business meeting with someone who has not been living in a decontaminated bell jar (i.e. any human on the planet).  It was a great meeting and held outdoors with as much space as possible between us... which, really, why don't we each have our own nice safe bell jar, huh?  Oh, yeah, because even without one we flirted with heat exhaustion by the end.  That's why.  

Still, a very good meeting about a possible new show to design.  Hypnotism!  Cool.

3)  Meanwhile, in the horrible world of politics, our Prez is vowing to crack down on protesters - what was I thinking? on "ANTIFA!" and"ANARCHISTS!" - in Seattle where, as best I understand, peaceful protesters against police violence have renamed the (temporarily closed) police substation the "Seattle PEOPLE'S Station" and have occupied a few blocks where they are camping, cooking hot dogs, and having Movie Night.  How terrifying.  (This seems to be something Seattle-ites do now and then and, honestly, from my distant view it all sounds like quite wholesome granola-crunchy-goodness.  I bet those hot dogs are vegan.  Anyway, I guess the police are now politely asking if the detectives can please go back and sit at their desks now, because, you know, that's where all their crime files are and stuff.)  Just terrifying.

Also the Prez was in Dallas yesterday for a big fund raiser and some big threats.  Strangely, none of our black police chiefs, mayors etc. attended.  Weird.

4)  Oh, and the stock exchange cratered again.  For anyone with a 401K looking toward retirement this is... upsetting.

5)  But tomatoes are ripening.  Two big ones.
NOT MY TOMATOES - These are stand-in, stunt, public domain photo tomatoes

6)   I'm still feeling all dehydrated from yesterday's outdoor meeting - am applying drinks and popsicles.  Just a good thing I don't earn my living as a roofer, that's all.  Roofers out there?  Respect.  Also respect to anyone who picks tomatoes, out in the hot sun.  

7)  Returning to the coronavirus theme of the beginning of this post, the internet has just delivered to me a coolo UV wand/lamp kinda gadget to decontaminate with.  I have turned an old enameled bread box into a UV decontamination chamber for used face masks etc.  Very mad scientist.

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