Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Siege - Day 106

Theater news?  Broadway won't open this year.

Locally, various theaters are trying video and tiny audience and outdoor shows... we'll see if any of these attempts work.  Since Actors' Equity isn't allowing members to sign contracts right now, it's all experimental.  And at least one theater person I know is at their wits end on how to make a living right now.

Especially in Texas, where the coronavirus is spreading wildly.

My studio here is more full this week - my on-again-off-again home office mate is back (thank goodness!) because now three people in his office have sick family, so have been exposed and could potentially expose everyone in the office.  Home behind the blue door again!  Let's hope it's safer at home.

But I was out briefly this morning to early-vote in the primary.  I wondered how safe that would feel, but actually it was fine: lots of room, lots of precautions.  November may be different.

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