Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Red (tape, rage) and... Blue

A weirdly emotional-roller-coaster couple of days here...

I've been finishing up a show.  As Opening approaches any theater company working frantically toward that goal can get a little over-tired and over-pressured.  A tad over-emotional.  The calmest of us can get... grouchy.  (Did I myself ever once actually briefly contemplate stabbing a carpenter with the scissors in my hand as I finished his job while he left for a lunch date?  Of course not.  Never.  Not me.)

Anyway.  You know that impassioned email you sometimes want to write at the end of a long frustrating day?  But you don't write it?  Or, if you do write it, you never ever send it?

Someone hit "SEND."

Reading that memo started my day: always good to know when you've crushed someone else's life-long love of theater.


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The rest of the day was filled with kind people going, "Fuggitaboudit."

So there was that.  Then there was the little snafu where a different theater discovered that the city's Certificate of Occupancy wasn't going to come through in time to hold this weekend's performances there so we had to move the show... leaving most of my set behind.

Deeper sigh.

The following meeting and phone calls on other shows went much better.  

But, honestly, the sub sandwich I had at The Great American Hero (on Lemmon Ave. try the "Healthy Hero") was the highlight of my lunch/dinner/onlymeal/wholeday.

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