Sunday, March 6, 2016

Been Busy

Sorry, it's been hectic here at Scenic Central, so no posting.

But as a making-up-gift, how about some beautiful floors?  See them here:

Barcelona Floors
Venetian Floors
Parisian Floors

Photographer Sebastian Erras looks underfoot and discovers Treasures!  Beauties!  Marvels!

Photograph by Sebastian Erras from "Barcelona Floors" - CC - ND copyright
first seen at Designyoutrust

So what's been going on that's been keeping me so busy?

Mainstage Irving - Los Colinas' production of Kind Lady is teching this weekend, so I've been painting and fabric shopping etc.  I've been designing, redesigning, and modifying (not necessarily in that order) Under the Skin for Circle Theatre.  And creating construction drawings and starting the furniture hunt for End of the Rainbow at Uptown Players.

Phew!  Busy.

ADDENDUM:  How'd I miss these floors? Tile Addiction on Instagram by  Jose' Jo'vena and Elisabet Martinez HERE.

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