Wednesday, September 16, 2015

North Texas Giving Day

In honor of Kitchen Dog Theater's 25th anniversary, we're looking for 250 generous new friends to pledge $25 apiece.

We need all the friends we can get this year!

Of course we're also very grateful for larger (or smaller) gifts and for dear old friends...  

This is a big year for the Dogs.  

Not just because 25 is a nice number, but because our company has left the MAC - our great home of 20 of those years - and we're fitting ourselves into new temp quarters, looking for longer term quarters, and - wahoo! - planning towards a new permanent Dog House.  (Or should that be a new Dogs' Kitchen?)

Find out more about North Texas Giving Day HERE.  Your help is always welcome... but tomorrow your gift can be magnified by additional funding.  Freebies!  Who doesn't love freebies?

Your generous gift can help us grow! 

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