Monday, September 14, 2015

News Break

Just found out I won a Critics' Forum Award for the set of The Explorers Club at Stage West and WaterTower Theater.  Pretty cool!  (Critics Forums are hard to get hold of.)

Many thanks - I'm thrilled.  I'm also grateful for the HUGE amount of help from everyone at Stage West who beautifully built, painted, upholstered, created faux books, helped set dress, loaned us taxidermy animal heads (from a WaterTower backer, thank you!), and generally made the set possible.  Twice.

The Explorers Club - Stage West and WaterTower Theater
Note the bar top of cheapo "granite" plastic laminate and foam pool noodles covered with vinyl,
and the painted mahogany.  Behind it is a Plexiglas and Modge-Podge-ed "stained glass" window 
which I decorated, now decorating my studio.

General woodsy library with many stuffed animal heads.  Those books, 
believe it or not, are mostly faked by Stage West's prop designer.

Note the globe used as the topper of the stair's newel post.  There was a funny 
slapstick moment when a character leaned on it.

More libraryishness...  You can see an antelope head.  Photos courtesy of Stage West

My original sketch.  We never found a taxidermy bear, but we were 
kindly loaned a suit of armor instead!  The bar's support lions were another kind loan.

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