Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Auto Repair as Archeology

Picking up my car from the shop, it occurred to me that oil-change guys probably dread getting my car.

I did move enough junk so the driver's seat could roll back - so that wasn't it.

No.  It was what remained in the Scenic Ride that might have worried them:

Most of a gilded, carved wooden Chinese restaurant dragon,
A mattress (on its way to be given to a theater for stock),
A Coke TM can (set dressing, not mess, I swear),
A museum flier for a Bernini show,
A red-white-n-blue painted drop cloth,
One (only one) English walnut - underfoot,
A sweater (it's Spring, the weather's variable),
A car jack and tire inflator gadget (flats happen),
A box of picture frames, tools, and straw beach mats.

That's a random and representative sample of the kind of crud this set designer at least carries around most of the time.


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