Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is the Big Day.

Today all the pieces for the set of The Lucky Chance will get "loaded-in" to the production's theater venue - in this case, Dallas' Bath House Cultural Center.  This is a great little Art Deco gem of an... old bath house (strangely enough), a place where generations of families changed into bathing suits before swimming in White Rock Lake.  Nowadays half of the building is an art gallery, with changing shows, there's a tiny museum about the lake and its bath house, and the other half of the building is a small thrust theater.  With a VERY low ceiling (bane of designers' lives) but otherwise a nice place to do often excellent theater.

Parts of The Lucky Chance set have been prefabricated - one elaborate doorway in particular - the rest will be carried in as standard flats and platforms or stock lumber.  There will be a bunch of people to hand-carry these from the van or pickup truck, through the ordinary sized door (3'-0" W x 6'-8" H).

Once inside, the flats will be assembled to match my drawings (mostly) and screwed together with drywall screws and cordless electric screw guns.  Then braced.  Standard platforms will be "legged" with cut 2x4 stud table-like legs.

Some sections can't be standard flats or platforms and must be built from raw materials - 2x4s and plywood.    There is a certain amount of trim.  There are four doors to hang.  And there will be a little fuss in faking up a rolling bed unit from a standard 3'x6' platform with added legs, casters, padding, and a headboard.

Here's a loosey-goosey perspective sketch of the set.

Set for Echo Theatre's The Lucky Chance by Aphra Behn - set design by Clare Floyd DeVries

Since we're planning to spend the whole day loading and unloading lumber (and cutting it too) all indoor-outdoor... it is, inevitably, supposed to rain all day.

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