Friday, March 2, 2012

Further Adventures of a Plan

After meeting with the director of Boeing, Boeing (earlier POST), the plan for the set as it will appear in its new theater venue will be slightly revised: two doors will be switched, the bathroom and a bedroom changing places (which means I need to erase "To Bedroom # 2" and write "To Bathroom" basically) and the wall that holds that bedroom door needs to slide onstage a foot or two in order to ease a slight sight-line issue from a few seats.  (There's always a sight-line issue!)

Oh, and the fake Warhol painting morphs into a fake Mondrian.

A Warhol soup can and a Mondrian - both, I believe public domain

Today's task is to revise this sketch and get copies to the theater so the Artistic Director and Technical director can look 'em over.

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