Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last night was the premier of a new TV show called Smash, about the creation of a new Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.  I'd read good reviews.  It really was an interesting show - good situations, characters, voices, and (I no real judge) what seemed like good music and lyrics.  Some of the characters I swear I've met in real life.  And there was one scene, where one of the show's creators was complaining how awful one critic was then - when he liked her work - she suddenly switched to saying how intelligent the critic was.

Been there, heard that.

Heck!  I've said it myself.

Anyone involved with show biz or a fan of it will probably find this show of interest.  On NBC.  (And, probably online somewhere or other.)

Public domain image messed with

And, speaking of TV, did you see the Super Bowl's amazing half time show?  I read that Madonna admitted to being nervous.  No wonder.  I liked the show and it certainly filled the field with spectacle - which is the real trick - but I was amazed once again at the sheer slickness of the setup and take-down of what had to be gadjillions of dollars of sets, lights, costumes, and cast.  Wow.  (HERE's last year's Super Bowl post.)

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