Monday, February 6, 2012

Before It's Gone...

Waaay back before Christmas I visited the Dallas Museum of Art's exhibit of the fashion designs of Jean Paul Gaultier.  Now I see that this show ends on the 12th.  Hurry!  Catch it!

Fashion isn't my usual thing, but this show is breathtaking.  Very dramatic, very theatrical, Gaultier has designed for Madonna and other stage personalities as well as for one of my favorite films, The Fifth Element.  Wild, wild stuff.

Most talked about is probably the exquisite dress with what appears to be a full leopard pelt... until you get closer and see that this "fur" is entirely hand beaded.  Amazing.  All the hand detail throughout the collection is stunning.  I begin to understand why haute couture is pricey.  Gaultier's boudoir fashions are, um, interesting.  (If you take a small child with you, be prepared to explain lots.)  There are several stage costumes and one from that fav film.  But my personal favorite costume (these feel like costumes) is in the first room, the lounging mermaid outfit with the breast-plate-like bodice made of mother of pearl.  Lovely.  Just lovely.

Photo of  a similar Gaultier mermaid - borrowed from Opalescent

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