Monday, January 2, 2012

So Much Going On

Starting the New Year with a rush.

The Frequency of Death opened successfully on New Year's Eve.  The audience enjoyed it.  The B&W looked terrific (the set seemed to work and was finished, always a nice thing).  The addition of jazz singer Simone, preshow and before Act II, was wonderful!  "Stormy Weather" and "My Funny Valentine" sounded terrific and set the period mood.  Go see it!  Pegasus Theatre.

Today is Tech for The Diary of Anne Frank.  That set is looking good.  I was there recently to consult on a truss vertical in the attic that was getting in the way of blocking a scene; in a move that would make a structural engineer shudder, we arbitrarily moved it - and its mirror twin - over two feet.  Then talked through a few other items...  handrails, remodeling a cabinet, painting etc.  Normal at this stage.  Today will be more about lights and sound.

Also today is an important Production Meeting on Collapse at Kitchen Dog, which starts building this weekend.  I have the design, but it needs tweaking...  Then I draw like the wind!  Or maybe more as if being shoved along by a stiff wind.

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