Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Anniversary

Dear Reader, today marks a first full year of blogging.

A few interruptions,yes, but an almost daily look at the life of a regional theater set designer.  For those of you interested (I see you three!), the "Set Design Process" tab above leads to an almost complete index of this year's set design related posts.

For the really determined Reader, the rest of my general Culture Diary posts - deadly, um, deathless prose on books, movies, museum exhibits etc. - can be found by skimming the monthly archives waaaay at the bottom of the blog.

It's been heartening to see Readership grow - thank you.  In this new year, Design Diary will continue to report to you from the front-line trenches of scenic design.  (And sometimes from the front row of the movie theater too:  War Horse!  Good.  And, from the front row, a very very tall equine.)

New Year's Eve - public domain image.

Happy New Year!  Thanks for reading.

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