Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ladder Work

Collapse is getting ready for Tech - in fact today is Dry Tech, when the director and lighting and sound designers talk through things.  So today I'm scenic painting fast-fast-fast.  The big item?

The big highway bridge.  There's an important scene on the bridge... so we've built one leg of it and hope to suggest the rest.

Which means that today I get to paint the 15' high bridge leg: some from on top, leaning over and down; some from the theater's lift (if I can get it over there); some from a tall ladder (if I can get help moving it); some from the ground using a roller and the longest pole; some while sitting on the ground.

Naturally this is not simple flat-color-painting like your living room wall - it needs to be rich and varied in color, attempting to suggest concrete.  So I'll be mostly scumbling, which is where you slap several shades of paint together to blend and modify them.  (More on scumbling HERE.)  Gotta run!

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