Friday, January 27, 2012


On many shows there are little jobs that the set designer may bring home to work on.

For the up-coming Collapse, it's been painting: a coffee shop sign, a condo sign, and now a coffee table top.

When hunting for furniture on a low budget, you're very much at the mercy of what you can find.  This time it appears that the sofa we'll end up borrowing is more of a love seat, which means all the other furniture will need to be a bit reduced in scale too.  So our coffee table will be a smallish Danish modern piece.  It's a nice little table... with the totally wrong top.  (Red.  Floral.  Wrong.)  So I'm repainting it to look like that '50s - '70s tile medley of white and Scandinavian blues and greens that was so popular.  It's looking good so far.  The finishing touch (when my typing and its drying are done) will be to put gloss medium (a sort of varnish) just on the tiles.  Under stage lights the painted "tile" will glisten but the "grout" will not - totally selling this illusion!

Believed public domain photo

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