Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not a Review - Spring Awakening

WaterTower's production of Spring Awakening is a wowser!

So much youth and energy onstage!  I haven't seen the show before, so I can't compare it to the original NY production, but this one is worth seeing.  I really like the music.  Choreography, direction, actors... all just wonderful.

Photo borrowed from WaterTower Theatre

The set - by Chris Pickart - makes a handsome framework, with just enough detail to suggest the period.  Its whitewashed texture of brick, wood, and metal acts as a sort of building/cyc for the lighting.  Leann Burns' lighting is fantastic!  Rock-n-roll colors and moving light; sensitive transitions, mood shifting as if on a swivel; stars; wild grafitti-like scribbles of light dancing; and there's a moment when dots of light seem to flutter across the stage and collect like blown autumn leaves that's so beautiful and so perfect...

This is a show that I could see suffering under a weak production - this marvelous one is worth celebrating!  Glad I caught it on its last day.

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