Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shout Out! Critics Forum Awards

Congratulations to the theater artists recognized by local critics for outstanding work in this last year - with the Critics' Forum Awards.  Well deserved!

Public domain image, messed with a bit.

Sadly there's no statuette, plaque, certificate or, if you're part of a "design team," even your name in newsprint, but still cool.  It's nice when someone notices your talent and hard work.

From this talented group, here's an individualized shout-out to folks I feel like extra-cheering for this morning:

To Tina Parker for her lovely performance in Charm, an honor to work with you; to Joel Ferrell for Cabaret and Dividing the Estate at, of all places, the Dallas Theater Center (a talented local director let loose at DTC? wahoo!); to all the younger, smaller companies who produce outstanding work (against long odds); to all the established companies who continue to produce outstanding work (against long odds and entropy too); and to the "design team" for Trinity Shakespeare's Macbeth (For whom I happen to have Bios.  Critics didn't?).  The designers were: Brian Clinnin SCENIC, Michael Skinner LIGHTING, Aaron Patrick Turner COSTUME, Toby Algya SOUND, and let's add (as co-conspirators in how things looked on-stage) Eric Domuret FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHER and Stephan Fried DIRECTOR.  (Your names in ink-jet print.)

Here's to recognition where it's well deserved!  And to all the other good work done on DFW stages!  You all deserve your names in lights.

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