Friday, September 16, 2011

Re-Viewing a Show

As a set designer, I tend to see a production several times during rehearsal - First Read-Through perhaps, then a Designer-Run and another Tech-Run or Dress Rehearsal.  I almost always see Opening Night.  However, that might be the last time I see a show; I'm usually off busy on the next show at some other theater.

But last night I got to watch In the Next Room again.  Fascinating to see how a show subtly changes over time, how actors modulate and deepen their performances...  really fascinating.

Good show.  Go see it!
Image for In the Next Room: the Vibrator Play borrowed from Kitchen Dog Theater

(A reviewer noticed the neckties hidden in the set!  First blog reader to find 'em - and to catch me - gets a free used necktie-prize!)

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