Monday, September 19, 2011

Designer's Day - Speed Teching

The Tech for The Fantasticks at Circle Theatre was incredibly efficient yesterday: I dropped by to drop-off the ribbon-curtain for the "Glen" scene and spent a whopping twenty minutes trimming this to fit and discussing with the director what's left to be finished on the set.  Tech is mostly a lighting and sound day.  So the lighting designer was busy as was the music director.  Things were happening!  The mood was purposeful and efficient (not true of all Techs I've seen) and progress was, um, progressing.  Actors were arriving as I was leaving, which is how it tends to go with set designers and actors.

Today I'll head back to do finishing touches - mostly stapling up fabric strips and adding decorative painting to the prop box.

The ribbon-curtain is a fun thing...  At one point in the musical, the lovers are in the woods.  To suggest this, the original production used a "curtain" made from strips of silk.  My version of this was fun to make, in a wrestling-with-an-octopus way.

Photo borrowed from Meridian Jacobs Weblog on weaving

The Fantasticks opens Saturday!

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