Friday, August 26, 2011

Set Designer's Day

The second day... of carving foam brick.

Of course, theoretically, a set designer just sketches a set wall and labels it "brick" and, voila! some handy craftsman in the scene shop creates brick.  Which assumes a scene shop and enough craftsmen with time to spare.

At a wealthy theater this might be vacu-form brick; at a less wealthy one, because vacu-form plastic brick is pricey, it'd be brick board from Home Depot.  Except (here comes The Designer's Curse!) I want more and different brick detail than I can get using brick board.  I want longer "Roman" bricks, special brick coursing other than the usual running bond, and I want brick soldier courses over the window and as an arch over the fireplace...

So I've spent a chunk of the last two days carving brick.

Fun.  But my feet and Xacto TM arm are tired.

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