Friday, August 26, 2011


Some lovely photos by  Masako Fujinami on the BRW Creative blog.  The post's title is "The Beauty of the Unreliable."  I have to agree - the images that include accidental light leaks and other imperfections are the most evocative for me.  Like this one, taken at the Nasher Sculpture Center:

Photo by Masako Fujinami

Or this haunting, double-exposed self-portrait:

Photo by Masako Fujinami

I love the use of random factors and happy accidents side by side with expertise.  It adds depth and layers.  Perhaps I'm just easily bored with perfection.  Or perhaps allowing accidents reveals the true nature of our life in the world: there's all the control we can exert and we try to exert and then there's the ultimate impossibility of control.  Life happens - no one can control it. 

So why not flow with accident, imperfection, uncontrol?  Why not embrace it?  

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