Monday, August 1, 2011

Becky Review

A real review by a, you know, paid reviewer likes Becky's New Car!  The Dallas Morning News says nice things about script, cast and direction, and mentions the set and my name.  (Not "spoiled by that rotten set" either.)  Phew.

A friend, on the way to see the show, asked whether I get nervous at openings.  Normally, no.  I figure my design work is long done.  Opening is the big deal for actors, director, and producers and also, of course, for me... but at that point there is nothing I can fix.  My work is a done deal.  That's the odd part of design compared to acting: rehearsal is only rehearsal, the actor's Work happens in that minute in front of the audience; but the set designer's artistic decisions were (mostly) made weeks or months before and even physical work was completed days ago.

I like that.  And it saves me jitters.  Excitement, yes.  (Dread occasionally.)  Nerves, no.  This not true for all designers, however, my buddy Wade used to pace the lobby during openings.

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