Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not a Review - The Wiz

Went to see the Dallas Theater Center's production of The Wiz.

A lot of fun!  I enjoyed the colors, the costumes, the singing, and especially the terrific dancing by Dallas Black Dance Theatre, who even pulled off "tornado" dancing.  The sets worked well... though they felt very traditionally proscenium style to me... considering that the big deal with this staging is the way audience seating pods move around.  I think they moved around too much - half as often would have been plenty - but it was great to see the seating change radically in this changeable space.  All in all a good production.

Minor quibble: more attention should have been taken in shielding the light booth from neighboring seats; the glow was distracting and it hurt sight-lines too.
Tornado sketch from my version of The Wiz, for WaterTower Theatre's summer kids' camp

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