Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Set Designer's Life - Changes

Nice to think that as a designer you could sit at your board (drafting board: archaic technology for the hand drafting of construction documents on paper)...

Where was I?  Ahem.  ...sit at your board, dreaming up design ideas to be realized in the real world exactly as you imagine.

Wake up!  It'll never happen.

Sometimes, as I found with my recent photo mural problem, there will be a technical glitch that makes your idea impossible.  Sometimes it will be budget or logistics.  Sometimes someone else has an idea to improve yours.  There will always be changes between what you first envision and what ultimately gets built.

And this is okay.  Designs can grow stronger as they travel from your board to the stage.

In the photo to hand-painted mural change forced upon this particular design of mine...  Well, it went from Not-Working to Working which, I suppose, has to be considered "stronger."  My actual painting, though not as lovely as I'd wish, seems effective.  So I hope!  Let me know what you think.

Becky's New Car opens Saturday.

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