Monday, July 25, 2011

Research - Earlier Designers

Due to a teeny tiny little hiccup in my design for my ought-to-be-finished set, the photo mural of Pacific northwest pine forests which I chose specifically so I would not need to try to paint Pacific northwest pine forests because I'm not that strong a painter... has been CUT.

(It hangs too far downstage so that stage lights in that low space accentuate every flaw and wrinkle etc. etc. etc.  Upstage murals have worked before, but not this critical one.  And, of course, we could only see this under stage lights at Tech.)

So I'll be painting Pacific northwest pine forests tomorrow.


At this moment, my only design-friend in a cruelly forested world is the long-dead Arts and Crafts artist Addison Le Boutillier who - to my aid - designed very beautiful abstracted pine forests.  

Maybe I can attempt something like that?

This illustration is borrowed from Motawi Art Tile

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