Sunday, May 22, 2011

TV Vampire Fest

For some reason opaque to me, our civilization is in the midst of a Vampire Kick.  From Goth fashions to best-sellers, the undead are unavoidable.  So - purely as a cultural commentator, you understand - I've been sampling this trend.  (Such scholarly plodding research.)

Lately I've been watching the short-lived TV show Moonlight.   Enjoyed it.  As much because of the cheesy dialogue, I think, as because the main vamp character is cute.  I liked his best vampire buddy a lot (following him to Veronica Mars, a good and well-written teen-detective show that's surprisingly vamp-free.)  Really, Moonlight's vamp-detective idea is just Angel-lite.  I would strongly recommend first watching the it'll-be'classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer then its spin-off Angel.  Angel the vampire has his followers, but for me, his show and Buffy are really the Spike Show.  More vamp-y goodness (with more sex and gore) at True Blood.  I haven't caught Vampire Diaries.

So what is this fascination?  Some of it is the pure hotness of recent TV and Film and Lit vamps, the whole forbidden romance with edge o' danger thing - very attractive to young human females.  (And to the not so young, please, ladies, skip the Team Edward T-shirts, they ill-become you.)  But I think some of it may be a wish that our modern world have more mystery and magic than it seems to.  Religion and superstition used to fill this gap - nowadays we get by on a thin ration of crystals, yoga CDs, and supernatural-romance novels.

Link to earlier Vampire Film Fest post and to a goofy supernatural stories kinda Squidoo site.

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