Monday, May 23, 2011

Set Designer's Day

Today is Build a Tree Day.
photo of Trinity Shakespeare As You Like It courtesy of G. DeVries

Carpenters will assemble  the sono tubes that make the basis of the big double-trunk tree in the photo above and then add strips of thin plywood and fabric to create the swelling toward the roots and bark textures.  While I stand there waving my hands, crying, "A little more toward  center stage, a bit more, a smidge, there!"  In a very important, bossy (and I hope helpful) way.

This is the painted model.  You see the final (non) color scheme.  Funny, I'm a big fan of color so my sets tend to be full of the stuff, but this season started with a black and white show (Death Is No Small Change!), followed by a black/white/gray/silver show (Broadway Our Way), and now by a low-color one (As You Like It); three in a one season.  Obviously my time to learn about value and shading, eh?

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