Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not a Review

Broadway Our Way opened last night.

Here's what I always check first on my own shows: the set looked good.  The carpenters did me proud, the design's size and layers etc. looked about as I'd hoped, and the director and producers used it beautifully, turning in a way that helped the action on stage and kept the look fresh.  The lighting designer made the set and stage look fantastic!  Colors, patterns, lovely dramatic looks.

The show itself got all polished since I last looked.  Very effective.  Some funny stuff .  Some wonderful voices!   There really is a depth of talent in DFW... and all of it seems to be on stage at the Kalita Humphreys.

This is Uptown Players' fund-raiser so, please, go see this very entertaining show and spend money!  (One of my fund-raising tickets is a chance at a tiara - cross your fingers for me.)
tiara on Queen Sofie of Greece courtesy of the Royal Forums

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