Friday, May 6, 2011


Bits and snippets from the set design life:

Yesterday I helped the carpenters hang upstage fabric drape/flaps for Marvin's Room (they played "carpenters", I played "eyeball"), plus that Production Meeting.  Hanging around Fort Worth as two 100 mile trips in one day seemed, um, dumb.  So yesterday was teach-myself-computer-graphics day.  (See yesterday's post for the results.)  I've been sketching fly-in windows for As You Like It - next I need to finish those paint elevations.

Books: Still plugging away at Mark Twain's Autobiography.  Good, but a dip-into kind of book.  Meanwhile also rereading a charming old D.E.Stevenson semi-autobigraphical novel, Mrs. Tim Christie, about a 1930s British Army wife.

TV/Film: Still enjoying Battlestar Galactica.  An addictive show.

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