Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The last sample from the "Design Methods" chapter of Alice Through the Proscenium:

Creativity –  When trying to be more creative - act more creative.  Wear that goofy French artist hat, 4.22 recklessly drink caffeinated coffee late at night, read foreign films, eat a new food, walk down a new street, learn Russian or bowling…  Pretend you don’t care what others think.  Free-wheel.  If you feel creative you’re freer to be creative. 

 “-it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life! I do wonder what can have happened to me!”

Your friends and loved-ones may wonder that too.  The old saying that genius is next door to insanity?  Well, significant others will wonder now and then if you’ve changed your mailing address. 

Design is a silly, anarchic, crazy playtime.  Serious play.

4.22 Silly advice.  No Frenchified chapeau will improve design; the idea is either naïve or an affectation.  But then, lots of people wouldn’t take up tennis without an official tennis outfit.  We’ll just hope you grow out of the “artiste” stage quickly.4.23
4.33 Don’t get carried away with your genius, eh?  No friends as groupies.  No spouses as handmaids-to-genius, please!  A surprising number are willing, but most loved-ones are wise enough to still love you though you’re nuts - a much saner attitude.  

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