Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Set Designer's Life

A nutsy day today.

I'll leave soon to go paint the floor of the revolve at the Kalita Humpreys.  My knees are stiff today unfortunately - considering I need to stand and paint for four hours or so - but it's a real thrill to work on a Frank Lloyd Wright stage.  Though, come to think of it, the revolve wasn't there originally nor, really, much of the present stage and FLW never even saw the building completed...  nevertheless there are funny 30 degree twisted stairs he definitely designed and there's a feeling of FLW looking over your shoulder now and then.  (When there's more time I'll tell the FLW elevator stories.)  It's a cool but, honestly, a confusing building - a rat's maze backstage.

After that, a race northward to be part of a theatrical panel discussion for the Young Actors' Guild in McKinney.  Carrying models and drawings with me.

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