Monday, April 25, 2011

Movie Mania

The Film Fest gets busy.

At the movie theater I just saw The Conspirator.  Good, griping historical drama about the Civil War trial (not a fair trial, but a trial) of Mrs.Surratt as a conspirator in the plot to assassinate Lincoln.  Full of good actors, it's worth seeing.

At home I re-watched Deep Impact, the apocalyptic-crashing-asteroid flick with a very young Elijah Wood.  My favorite of this genre, because it seems to care more about people than special effects destruction - though when that does come, it's impressive.  Also at the home theater recently, the next couple installments of Battlestar Galactica - which often confuses me, but always fascinates.  And The Fabulous Baker Boys, one of my all-time favorite films.  Beautifully written and directed by Steve Kloves, really well acted (the Bridges brothers as brothers: "Do that again and I'll hit you..."  "You hit me!"  "I told you I'd hit you.").  Beautifully filmed with moody, jazzy, sultry music...  Worth seeing just for Michelle Pfeiffer singing "Making Whoopie."  But it's "My Funny Valentine" at the end that gets me.

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