Thursday, March 10, 2011

Schematic Design Meeting

Sometimes with some directors and some shows (every time is different!) and if the table is big enough and the stars align just right, it's possible to really kick ideas around.

Today was lucky: the director and I sketched our way through Marvin's Room.  It's a difficult show in that the script is realistic (though moments have a feel of "magic") with multiple, contrasting settings (warm home versus cool medical) and it's being produced in thrust in a intimate, low-ceilinged space, with no wings or ability to fly.  Tricky.

I brought research and a very rough floor plan sketch - started towards realistic - together we moved towards more abstract until I think - among the lunch bowls and fortune cookie wrappers - we may have found a solution.

Good fun!  Now I just gotta sketch it pretty - so it makes sense.


  1. Hi Claire hope all is well with you.. Nice blog indeed

    Thanks for quoting my poem in yr sidebar..
    Can I just point out a typo though re Buffy quote. Recital is typed wrong.

    All good here new book out in 3 weeks. So all go.

    Stay shiny

  2. Thanks for catching that, John - it's corrected. I've gotten wonderful comments on the poem.

  3. Very best of luck with your new book, John. You probably saw I have my own first (on set design) out... It's a bit like a new baby isn't it? You want to chase folks down the street, "Look! It's so cuuuute." (I try to stifle this impulse.)