Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The internet sure makes it easier to find news of up-coming movies/books/etc. or to follow a favorite star or author.

With a mere click the movie fan can check progress of The Hobbit (endless pre-production - director sick) or the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean (Penelope Cruise as a pirate - perfect).  You can track the progress-to-DVDs of  TV shows like Dexter or True Blood (none, apparently).  Or watch for new books: a Charlaine Harris comes out May 3rd, latest in the series which inspired TV's True Blood.  Diane Gabaldon's 8th book (still untitled) is still... unpublished.  She takes a long time between books, but then, they're very long books.  Lois McMaster Bujold is adding to her Vorkosign series, starring Ivan (yes! finally).  And so on.

In the last century - no the one before that one - crowds used to wait on the docks for the latest chapter of Charles Dickens' serials...

No doubt but I'd have been there pacing.

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