Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Film Fest

Watched the latest version of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde's spooky tale of the always-young man who hides a deal-with-the-devil-portrait in his attic.

Appropriately spooky... though maybe relishing all the debauchery a bit too much?  (The feeling Anne Rice's books give me too.  Interview With a Vampire was very effective, but read a few more and then a sort of spiritual indigestion starts to set in.)  I can see exactly why Colin Firth took the role of the older man who first seduces Dorian to the dark side.  A juicy role.  Playing depravity must be fun, especially as counterpoint to the stiff Mr. Darcy.  But like most stories about rakes, wastrels, and evil doers... well, none of that's really a spectator sport, is it?

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