Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yet another excerpt from the "Design Methods" chapter of Alice Through the Proscenium.  (I just got the sample  paperback to proof-read so Official Publication will be soon.):

Color – Sometimes a coloring book approach helps.  Copy line drawings, then play with crayons or paint.  Color is emotional, so practice your sensitivity.  Try thinking of color as mood.  Think of the set as built of areas of color.  Color can delineate differences: for instance, if a wall intersects a cube, you can paint different surfaces different colors to emphasize different qualities – like planes versus volumes.
Or use color as an organizer to clarify your thoughts.  Superimpose the action of the first act (red) with the second (blue) to see what areas of the stage are overused, which underused.  Or color-code fixed and movable elements.  Or distinguish version #1 from #47.  Computer drawings do the same thing when they segregate different elements to different drawing “levels.”   It’s useful.  And can be as simple as colored pencils. 

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