Thursday, February 24, 2011

Film Fest-y

A couple films watched over the last few days:

The Brothers Bloom - An odd movie and one that felt somehow not quite successful... yet I really liked it.  I think part of the problem was the heiress who was very much in the screwball tradition; the actress Rachael Weiss did a charming job with the character, but it's a type of character and a souffle-light tone our prosaic age has trouble pulling off.  (Making last week's Arsenic and Old Lace even more of a miracle).  Still, I'll watch it again.

Inception - It started out so promisingly and, for me at least, fizzled out.  I loved the setup and that moment in the Paris street when gravity is up-ended.  But by the oddly Bond-esque snow action-scene and the final, strangely ugly, we-spent-50-years-building-it dream city... it'd lost me.  The film abruptly changed its own rules 3/4 of the way in: die in a dream = wake up, changed to = lost in limbo, simply to raise the stakes.  Cheat.  And trying to cheat added a great huge indigestible lump of explanation smack in the middle of things... a pit in the cherry pie.

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