Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Siege - Days 36 and 37

It's come to this - not only do I only know what day of the week this is because yesterday was Garbage Day, but I can't find my calendar.  When did I even look at it last?

(Walking in the neighborhood across the street I saw a whole row of recliner / movie chairs set out on the curb.  Either to be hauled away as trash... or to comfortably watch The Trash Truck Show, the biggest excitement in our stuck-at-home lives right now.)

Projects in progress are progressing... 

I finally escaped from rewriting Chapters 5 and 6 of the second edition of Alice Through the Proscenium (I'd been trapped there for days, adding material, but mostly trying to impose order and logic.)  Chapter 7 is not fighting back as hard... so far.

The imaginary beach house is spawning imaginary additions and gardens.  Feel very satisfied to have located the imaginary rain collection tank (for imaginary rain) so neatly.  Next, I will imagine imaginary decorative and Rube Goldbergian downspouts, gargoyles, gutters, strainers, water-dumpers, and completely unnecessary spinny, twirly, wind-socky, weathervane-y, rain-gage-y accoutrements  for it.  I want a crazy water contraption / sculpture!  With a side of sea food, please.

Basically, a marine life version of these crazy birds at Houston's The Orange Show.

The Orange Show - photos by G. DeVries

Aren't they great?

No imaginary castles to map at the moment, but a friend's very real garden needs mapping.  That'll be fun!  (Almost as much fun as those wild birds.)

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