Sunday, March 29, 2020

Siege - Days 12 & 13

Taxes are done and sent!  Woohoo!  Turns out that my little Off-Broadway adventure was a money loser, when I fully counted hotel stays and eating and Lyft rides and so on.  But I'd do it again for the sheer thrill... and the small loss helped some on the taxes... if you can afford that kind of help.

Yesterday was our big grocery shopping day - picking up necessities and a few treats from Jimmy's Italian Grocery, Central Market, and the liquor store.  All went well.  There's now metered entry to Central Market ( a great, up-scale grocery for those who don't know) and red tape on the floor at both grocery stores to keep customers back a bit from the counters and staff.  Many people wore latex gloves and there were some face masks and one girl in almost complete zombie-apocalypse-chic: black hood-up hoodie - drawstrings tight - face mask, gloves... everything but the machete'.

Speaking of jungles... the tomatoes are visibly growing!

Jack and the Tomato Stalk!

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