Sunday, January 29, 2017

Please Write Your Senator and Congressional Representative

There have been so many outrageous political happenings this week that it's hard to know where to start.  A sweeping new immigrant ban (temporary?  really?).  Cutting all funding for the arts and humanities.  Muzzling the EPA and National Park Service and many more governmental departments, while nominating leaders for them that hate those departments...  It's a blitzkrieg.

But a good place for a concerned citizen to start is by writing their congress people.

To that end I've designed a couple postcards.  Inspired by the anthem that flash-mobbed at the Washington DC Women's March...

"I Can't Keep Quiet."

MILCK and the GW Sirens at the DC Women's March
singing "I Can't Keep Quiet" 

I love the song.  It captures exactly my emotions right now - seeing America going wrong I just can't keep quiet.  I won't keep quiet.  Let's each become "a one woman riot."  

(Guys very welcome!  Crowds!)

A great illustration, by the way, of how Art can reflect and influence current events.  Just as the musical Hamilton has.  As artists we have - sometimes - real POWER.  

Inspired by the protest song, here are these postcards:

These designs are gifted to the Public Domain.

These are designed to be printed at 4 1/4" x 6", the largest size U.S. Post Office rules allow.  Please feel free to print these on card stock.  Use 'em, share 'em, most of all, mail 'em!

Write to your reps and senators with your opinions on current policy.

Or call them.  Or visit their offices, or march, or...


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